Asbru Adds Advanced Workflow Engine to CMS

London, United Kingdom, October 1, 2007 -- Asbru Software has released a new version of the Asbru Web Content Management system designed to provide control and simplicity for non-technical users while maintaining flexibility and power for developers and web designers.

Support for Existing Business Processes

In this latest release 6.6 of the Asbru Web Content Management system an advanced workflow engine to manage the publication of website content has been added. The implementation is designed to support almost any organization's existing website publishing business processes. The workflow engine can handle multiple workflow definitions at the same time. Additionally any number of workflow steps is possible so there is no limit to the number of organizational departments that can be involved in publishing of website content.

Efficient and Controlled Website Publishing

The new workflow engine is fully integrated into the CMS making the publishing of website content very efficient. Users have their own personal workspace, which gives them a quick overview of content allocated to them and waiting for their review. As content moves through the workflow users are alerted via email to new content allocated for their review. It is also possible to configure the system so that any user can view where content is in the workflow process providing control of the publishing process and transparency across the whole organization.

Flexible Workflow Definitions

Several workflow definitions can be created and enforced for different sections of a website and for various types of content including pages, products, image media, audio files, electronic documents and other files. Additionally the actions and the organizational departments and users permitted for each workflow step are fully configurable. Some steps may for example involve editing the content while other workflow steps only enable users to view the content and approve or reject. Workflow definitions are easily created and diagrams provide a quick overview of all the workflow actions in the system.

For an online trial of the new version of the Asbru Web Content Management system: Try It Now.