Asbru CMS Adds further Search Engine Optimization

London, United Kingdom, July 30, 2007 -- Asbru Software has released a new major version of the Asbru Web Content Management system designed to provide control and simplicity for non-technical users while maintaining flexibility and power for developers and web designers.

Version 6.5 of the Asbru Web Content Management system adds Google Sitemap functionality, several new add-ons, and a new user interface that enables non-technical website managers to add functionality packages to their websites in just 2 clicks.

The Asbru Web Content Management system already produces websites with search engine friendly page URLs. The new version 6.5 of the Asbru Web Content Management system improves search engine friendliness further by dynamically generating what are known as Google Sitemaps. The Asbru Web Content Management Google Sitemap solution is tightly integrated with the system so when a website administrator changes the structure of their website through the systemís drag & drop user interface the new website structure is automatically published to a sitemap XML file adhering to the Sitemap protocol supported by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!. Making such sitemaps available to search engines makes website indexing more efficient for search engines and can provide an improved representation in search engines because it helps them discover and prioritize pages that may otherwise be difficult to find.

Other new features incorporated into Asbru Web Content Management version 6.5 include:
Finally, Asbru Web Content Management 6.5 includes functionality that lets web hosting companies and web developers build industry solutions that can be added by non-technical website managers in just 2 clicks. A web hosting company may for example wish to provide website templates targeting florists and could make these available for non-technical users to select in just 2 clicks.